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The BLEND Collection

Fragrant Scent Candles and Diffusers

A blend of oils, both essential and fragrance, are used to make these aromatic items.

The Blends create a home filled with aromatic fragrances in a candle or by scented oil with reed sticks. These fragrance scents, not found in nature, will bring your space to life with fragrance in two different ways:  via candles and diffusers

Fragrance Candles

Fragrant Soy Candles - Fragrance Oil Essential Oil - Blended Oil Candles

Luxury Fragrance Candles

Uniquely fragranced candles combine soy with both fragrance oil and essential oil. Their aromatic scents are wonderful!

Rattan Reed Diffusers

Luxury Reed Diffuser

Here is another member of THE BLENDS Collection.

An aromatic reed fragrance diffuser continuously emits scent into any room without electricity or flame. They can be used in office buildings, college dorm rooms or anywhere!

There are several blends of essential and fragrance oil to choose from. You will find citrus, florals, herbal, woodsy.

Rattan reeds draw the oil up and then the scent is diffused into the air. The aromatheraphy benefits of each scented oil with reed sticks combination are listed on the SCENTS page.

Use an aromatherapy air freshener diffuser with reed sticks as another way to say welcome!

Rattan Reed Diffuser

Luxury Home Fragrances
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