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How the idea came about . . .

About Us:

How the idea came about . . . I was just looking for a candle that wouldn't give me a headache or make me sneeze.

Then one day when in a waiting area, I realized that I had been in the room with a heavenly aroma for thirty minutes. Guess what? I did not have a headache and I had not once reached for a tissue.

I had to ask, "What is creating that scent and how can I get my hands on some?"

The answer was a surprise. The aroma was coming from a wicked opaque substance. It turned out to be 100% natural soy wax that was scented with pure essential oils - the type used in aromatherapy and for massages.

In researching this, I learned about the different grades of essential oils, how they make us feel - known as their aromatherapy benefits, and how the term 'soy candles' can be claimed with as little as 25% soy wax in the mix.

That is how the seeds - or should I say beans, both vanilla and soy - for our company were planted.

  Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.


Here at a hint of vanilla, we believe that most people have had at least one "take a deep breath, and say aah" moment. You know the ones, where a whiff will transport you back in time to a specific place and memory:

  • The aroma of a specific suntan lotion brings memories of tennis courts, swim meets, baseball games and sandy beaches. Or in a word, summer!
  • Our all time favorite scent is - you guessed it - vanilla. With universal appeal, the soft aroma calms, centers, comforts and never fails to bring a smile.

Our mission is for you to have more of those aah moments.

We give you a choice of how to scent your space. Our luxury home fragrances have different methods of dispersing aromas:

  • Soy candles are packaged to blend into any home or room decor
  • Sachets can be dressed up or down, hidden out of sight or placed on display
  • Coasters lend a subtle scent whenever a warm cup of coffee or tea is placed on them
  • Trivets lift up your space with extra spices when placed under tea pots and casserole dishes

We have picked a variety of styles so everyone is able to...

Enjoy the fragrances of life! 


Luxury Home Fragrances
Soy Candle - Sachet- Spiced Coaster & Trivet
a hint of vanilla
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