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gift giving ideas

Tips for Gift Giving

Need a Gift? No more, Mission Impossible!

First, find a small notepad and writing instrument and keep them with you - not just at holiday time, but throughout the year.

The next time you are with anyone you may give a gift to, tell them you are taking a survey for a friend - me, Home Fragrance Harri - and ask: "What scent or aroma do you like?"

You may hear things like:  citrus, spicy, herbal, mint, lavender, vanilla, woodsy, floral, etc. Be sure to write down their answer.

People to ask might include:  your beautification gurus: hair stylist, barber and mani/pedi person; the dog walker, groomer and vet; piano teacher or tutor; the dry cleaner; your fellow carpoolers; your spiritual leader; yoga, pilates, dance, kung fu, soccer instructors and coaches; physical or massage therapist. You get the idea - anyone whose talents have enhanced your life or made it easier. Be sure to remember you family members!

To give the best gift, remember to use the note pad to write down other hints for ideas that come up in normal conversation:  favorite music group, sports team, television program, movie, museum, restaurant, etc.

Fragrant gift giving ideas:

Natural Candles

  1. any one on your list that has to deal with chemical, animal or people odors throughout their workday (examples: nail tech, barber/hair stylist, dog groomer, yoga instructor)
  2. for those that you know are trying to go green, be eco-friendly, and those who are a vegan or vegetarian
  1. use as a gift for one of the nights during Hanukkah or Kwanzaa
  2. Christmas stocking stuffers
  3. incorporate in the bow on a gift
  4. hang around a bottle of sparkling wine given as a hostess gift
  5. include in a new gym bag
  6. place in a C.A.R.E. package for those at camp or college
  7. use as favors for a baby or bridal shower, bridge club, etc.

Small Candles

  1. place one in a basket of homemade goodies as a house warming present for your new neighbor
  2. give as door prizes at a cookie exchange
  3. use as a combination seat marker / party favor by attaching a hang tag using each guests name
  4. "Festivous for the Rest of Us" gifts
  5. use as wedding reception table decorations


    1. use as a hostess gift when staying with family or friends
    2. to give to the people who are always there when you need them, sometimes even before you ask for their assistance
    3. someone who loves the scent of pine or has an artificial tree may enjoy the Winter Forest scent to bring the smell of the season inside
    4. your friends or family members that work or live in a dorm, assisted living center or other flame-free space
    5. for your realtor friends, to use as part of their home staging for 'open house' showings - to freshen up stale air, smoke or litter box odors
    6. your party planner

    Oh, and remember to get yourself a little something. Why? Because you also deserve to have a few relaxing aah moments, too.

    For other gift ideas:

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    Smells are surer than sounds or sight to make your heart-strings crack.

    - Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936)

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