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Essential Oil Guide

Essential Oils - Natural Room Fresheners

They are aromatic, concentrated extracts. The very essence of the plant creates wonderful room scent.

The parts of plants used to create the oils include: flowers, grasses, leaves, the peel of fruit, wood, root, beans, needles, seeds and twigs.

Clove, cinnamon sticks, star anise  and a sliced open orange | photo: © Skoric | Dreamstime.com

The oils are produced through three methods:

  1. distillation - with either water or steam
  2. expression - mechanically processed, known as cold pressing
  3. maceration - where the plant is placed in warm water to steep, thus causing the oils to seperate from the source

Use essential oil to add scent to your home.

Pure Essential Oils

Aromatherapy benefits - listed by individual products - were complied from the Aura Cacia and Dreaming Earth Botanicals websites and verifed with several other essential oil, herbal & aromatherapy sites.

Be sure to view our fun facts and links pages to find more in-depth information on essential oils.

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