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The HOLIDAY Collection

The HOLIDAY Collection -

Holiday popper wrapped in silver paper with red, gold and pink stripes
Below are our Holiday Candle Scents.
Also, see our
Sachet, Spiced Coaster, Trivet and Unscented Coasters pages 
for other Holiday Offerings

Jar of cranberry jam and some fresh berries on the table - photo by:  © Svetlana Kolpakova | Dreamstime.com - 334x480 pixels (182.5 KB)  Cranberry Apple Marmalade

"best selling holiday scent"

with cinnamon leaf, clove and orange essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

cheering, comforting, refreshing, uplifting, warming

- - phthalate free - -

large stone fireplace with roaring fire Crackling Firewood

with allspice, vanilla and guaiac essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

balancing, calming, cheering, comforting, nurturing, warming

- - phthalate free - -

sparkling water with lemon slices and mint leaves

Sparkling Mint

with cedarwood, corn mint, lemon and peppermint essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

centering, cheering, cooling, inter strengthening, refreshing, uplifting, vitalizing

- - phthalate free - -

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