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The HOLIDAY Collection

The HOLIDAY Collection -

Holiday popper wrapped in silver paper with red, gold and pink stripes

Jar of cranberry jam and some fresh berries on the table - photo by:  © Svetlana Kolpakova | Dreamstime.com - 334x480 pixels (182.5 KB)

Cranberry Apple Marmalade

with cinnamon leaf, clove and orange essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

cheering, comforting, refreshing, uplifting, warming

- - phthalate free - -

large stone fireplace with roaring fire

Crackling Firewood

with allspice, vanilla and guaiac essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

balancing, calming, cheering, comforting, nurturing, warming

- - phthalate free - -

large pile of whole pumpkins

Pumpkin Crunch

with orange, ginger and nutmeg essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

anchoring, cheering, energizing, refreshing, rejuvenating, strengthening, uplifting, warming

 - - NOT body safe - -

sparkling water with lemon slices and mint leaves

Sparkling Mint

with cedarwood, corn mint, lemon and peppermint essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

centering, cheering, cooling, inter strengthening, refreshing, uplifting, vitalizing

- - phthalate free - -

Tall trees dusted with snowWinter Forest

with fir needle, fir balsam, cedar and eucalyptus essential oils

Aromatherapy benefits:

alertness, centering, energize, grounding, invigorating, purifying, stabilizing, strengthening

- - body safe - -

This scent is perfect for:
  • those who have an artificial tree, yet still want the scent of the season
  • those who use pine scented cleaning products

Special Instructions: 

If you are placing orders for items that are going to more than one address, please fill out a separate order for each "Ship To" address.

Be sure to tell us of any special delivery information, such as a desire for the package to be delivered in time for:

a birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation

    Use the form on the 'check-out' page for any special instructions.

    We will e-mail you when the package is shipped and when it arrives at its destination.

    Please view our SAFETY & USAGE page for proper use of all products.

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