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Luxury Aromatherapy Air Freshener Sachets

Scented with Essential Oil

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The SACHET Collection: give organza sachet bags as party favors. We carry eight all natural aromatherapy air freshener sachets. They are scented with pure essential oil.

Essential oils give our scented sachets a crisp and refreshing aroma. Our luxe home fragrance sachets - pack a big punch in a small package. A natural scent sachet can be used for your party favors or given as small gifts.

a hint of vanilla scented sachets make wonderfully scented gifts. Not only do they have a clean fresh scent, the aromatherapy air freshener provides various aromatherapy benefits for emotional and physical well being.

Made with luxe essential oils, the muslin pouches are then placed within organza gift bags. The color of the ribbon brings to mind the scent itself.

Use anywhere you want a fresh scent. Try our essential oil sachets at the office or in the car. They are small enough to be used just about anywhere.  Try these luxury aromatherapy products anywhere to banish stale air.

* * Look below the products to find additional uses for our sachets.

The SACHET Collection

Luxury Aromatherapy Air Freshener Sachets

An all natural product with a truly original scent
arrives within an organza gift bag.

sachet measures: 3" x 4"

Luxury Fragrance Sachets | Sachet Party Favors

  • Handmade Organic Sachets/Ornaments in lavender, balsam, cedar
  • Handmade Scented Coasters 

Please view our SAFETY & USAGE page for proper use of all products.

A few aromatherapy benefits and other known qualities:

  • BASIL: place in a room where someone is recovering from an injury - it is said to relieve fatigue, sorrow and melancholy
  • CINNAMON LEAF: add to your tackle box - it takes the human scent away from fishing gear
  • EUCALYPTUS and SWEET ORANGE: use in your pantry - they are thought to keep bugs away 
    Place them together - one 3" x 4" of each - in a garlic keeper by the kitchen sink. Combined, the aroma is wonderful! 
    • LAVENDER: has aromatherapy benefits that calms and relaxes - place a bag in the linen closet
    • LEMON: place near a study area - it is uplifting and helps to increase concentration
    • PEPPERMINT: use in the garage, motor home, travel trailor, RV and barn - it is said to repel mice
    • PINK GRAPEFRUIT: is refreshing - keep one in your locker or in your gym bag       .

    * * * If pregnant: avoid the basil, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and peppermint scents.

    Usage ideas for an Aromatherapy Air Freshener Sachet

    Purchase several fragrant varieties to use as lingerie drawer sachets, and remember to place one in the linen closet. Throw one in your suitcase to banish the 'stale air' smell that happens between travels. Place in your coat closet, the car, or in with off season shoes and clothing.

    The organza sachet bags can also be used as a party favor at your next gathering for bridge club, a bridal shower or baby showers. When placed among your non-floral centerpieces, they are a wonderfully fragrant addition to individual tables at any gathering, including wedding receptions.

    Incorporate a single bag into the bow of a package. Your gift will not only smell fabulous but YOU the giver, will be remembered long after the gift wrap has been torn away.

    More spaces that can benefit from our Luxury Aromatherapy Scented Sachets:

    1. Citrus oils are normally thought of as uplifting and aid in concentration and alertness. You may want to try grapefruit in your space when approaching a deadline.
    2. Basil, and mint not only relax but lift the spirit. Maybe that's why kitchen herb gardens always inspire great cooking.
    3. For a spicy fragrance nothing beats cinnamon as an air freshener.
    4. Place eucalyptus near the bed of someone with a stuffy nose. By leaving the nite stand drawer open slightly, the scent can easily waft out when needed. Yet can be diminished by closing the drawer upon waking.
    5. Hang your preferred scent on the coat rack in the front hall or mud room. The aroma will bring a comforting feeling along every time you leave the house or reenter.
    6. Mix and match: lemon and orange, cinnamon and orange, etc
    7. For musty odors try orange, grapefruit and cinnamon as drawer sachets for off season linens.
    8. In guest rooms, indulge your friends with a bit of nature. Provide a nice welcome with drawer sachets made with essential oil.

    Aromatherapy sachet bags add a hint of... fragrance for your home.

    FYI:  In many countries there has long been a custom of attaching small bags of herbs to clothing. Not only is this pleasing to the wearer, it also served as a form of deodorant.

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