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Naturally Scented Sachets

Aromatheraphy Air Freshener Sachet

A few aromatherapy benefits and other known qualities:

  • BALSAM: is said to reduce anxiety and stress
  • BASIL: place in a room where someone is recovering from an injury - it is said to relieve fatigue, sorrow and melancholy
  • CEDAR: stimulates metabolism and per the Old Testament - offers protection, wisdom and abundance
  • CINNAMON LEAF: add to your tackle box - it takes the human scent away from fishing gear
  • EUCALYPTUS and SWEET ORANGE: use in your pantry - they are thought to keep bugs away 
    Place them together - one 3" x 4" of each - in a garlic keeper by the kitchen sink. Combined, the aroma is wonderful! 
  • JASMINE: known for its relaxing properties and relief of nasal congestion. Along with lavender, place near the bed to help with insomnia
  • LAVENDER: has aromatherapy benefits that calms and relaxes - place a bag in the linen closet
  • LEMON: place near a study area - it is uplifting and helps to increase concentration
  • PEPPERMINT: use in the garage, motor home, travel trailer, RV and barn - it is said to repel mice
  • PINK GRAPEFRUIT: is refreshing - keep one in your locker or in your gym bag       .
  • ROSE: helps with depression and anxiety - place in a study room before big exams along with lemon

* * * If pregnant: avoid basil, cinnamon, eucalyptus, jasmine, peppermint and rose.

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