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safety and usage instructions

Important Safety & Usage Information

Thank you for considering our home fragrance products.

We want our customers to be educated on how to use all the items that we sell.

Be sure to read this page to keep you, your family and pets safe.

Essential Oil Safety

The pure essential oils used in our products are blended with 100% soy wax for the candles and with fragrance oils for the reed diffusers. The sachets are not blended.

As a precaution: if you have ANY of the conditions listed below, consult with your medical advisor before having these essential oils in your home.

Pregnant: bitter almond, basil, cinnamon leaf, clary sage, clove bud, eucalyptus, sweet fennel, hyssop, juniper berry, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rose, rosemary, sage, thyme and wintergreen

High blood pressure: hyssop, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Epilepsy: sweet fennel, hyssop, rosemary and sage.

The following oils may cause skin irritation when not diluted: allspice, bitter almond, basil, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, clove bud, sweet fennel, fir needle, lemon, lemongrass, melissa, peppermint, tea tree, and wintergreen. If irritation occurs, rub a drop of vegetable oil over the inflamed area.

Contact your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately if ingestion is suspected

*the above information was complied from the Aura Cacia and Dreaming Earth Botanicals websites and several other essential oil, herbal & aromatherapy sites

Soy Candle Tips

Burn candles on a flat level heat resistant surface and out of drafts.

Glass containers may become hot. Always burn candle on a protected surface or coaster, and avoid moving lit candles.

Burn your soy candles until a pool of melted wax completely forms across the top. This will ensure an even burn all the way down the container. (In other words, to avoid the 'hollow core' look, please burn your soy candle for hours equaling the diameter of the container. Example: if the wax is 2 3/4" across the top of the container, burn for a minimum of 2 hours 45 minutes at a time - 3 hours maximum.)

Discontinue burning container candles when there is 1/4 inch of wax left in the bottom. Remove remaining soy wax and dispose of in the trash can or use for cuticle/massage. The container can be cleaned up easily with soap and water! Please reuse the tumbler or recycle it.

Do not place soy candles in the refrigerator or in direct sunlight.

Damaged containers should not be used. Please discontinue use if the container is cracked.

To extinguish, DO NOT BLOW OUT. Gently dip the wick into the melted soy wax, lift the wick back up and straighten.

Please allow a soy wax candle to completely cool and harden before relighting. Prior to re-use, trim wick to 1/4 inch and remove spent wick. Then light and enjoy your soy candle!

Never burn candles unattended and place beyond the reach of children, pets and flammable objects.

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Reed Diffuser Tips

A diffuser is perfect for smaller places, like a bath or powder room. Use 4-6 reeds for these small rooms. For a larger room, try 6-12 reeds. When in doubt, start with fewer reeds, then add more rattan reeds for the desired scent strength.


Remove wooden topper and set aside. Over a sink, open and remove the plastic cap from the essential fragrance oil diffuser bottle.

Place the recommended number of reeds (see above) into the bottle for 15-20 minutes. Now pull reeds straight up so they are just above the oil level. Let the excess oil drip back into the bottle. Gently flip the reeds and place the wood topper on the bottle. Insert the dry ends through the wooden topper and into the oil. The moistened portion of the reeds will now be exposed to the air. Wipe any drippings off bottle. If the oil comes in contact with your furnishings, the oils will remove the finish from wood. Best to place diffuser bottle on a coaster or small plate.

For the best fragrance throw, make sure that the exposed reeds are separated - like a bouquet of flowers - so that air circulates throughout the exposed portion of the bunch.

Initially, it will take between 24-36 hours for the oils to totally saturate the reeds. After that, the reeds will need to be rotated whenever you can no longer smell the scent when entering the room. Again, please rotate the reeds over a sink.

Remember to place your diffuser bottle beyond the reach of children and pets. Secure the bottle with a couple of dots of museum putty on the bottom. This will help keep the bottle upright

Reuse or recycle the glass bottle. Use the spent reeds as plant stakes or attach to the inside of your garbage can lid.

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Sachet Tips

  • Our natural air freshener sachets contain essential oils that could irritate the skin, as they have not been diluted. If irritation occurs, rub a drop of vegetable oil over the inflamed area.
  • If the scent seems to be fading: place the muslin sachet bag between layers of newspaper or an old towel; with your hand (or a rolling pin or can) roll the bag around a couple of times to release more scent.

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Safety Information is provided above, on product packaging and/or on the product itself and is on the paperwork included with each order.

It is up to you, the consumer, to abide by this information. a hint of vanilla is not liable for any misuse of the products.

NOTE: The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made as to any medicinal value of these products. The information presented here is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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