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Naturally Scented Home Fragrance

NATURAL Collection

Breathe in pure luxury.
Natural Room Scents with Essential Oils.
Your sense of smell will say that these scents were created by nature.

Are you someone trying to create a more natural environment at home?  Are you a vegan, a vegetarian? If so, then these natural products will let you keep it pure and natural like a luxury spa resort.

Natural Home Fragrance

with Pure and Natural Aroma Oils

Natural Ingredients create Natural Products

Luxury Aromatherapy Candles

Natural Candle - Essential Oil Candle - Spa Candle

Luxury Aromatherapy Candle

Let the stress of the day flicker away with candlelight from a pure and natural, back to nature soy aromatherapy candle.

Create a luxe, comfortable and cozy space. This natural smell candle line is available in several aromatherapy air freshener scent combinations.

We use EcoSoya™ candle wax - made with pure soybean oil, it is 100% vegetable and all natural. Then the soy wax is mixed with pure plant essence to provide hours of scented aromatherapy benefits. There has been no dye added when blending these spa candles, making them an au naturel choice for adding a wonderful aroma to any room. 

Luxury Spa Candles
For each aromatherapy scented container candle, you will find a list of the essence oils used, along with the numerous benefits contributed to each botanical. You can also find this information on the SCENTS page.

Your luxury soy aromatherapy candle will arrive in a frosted tumbler. The frosted tumblers look great in any home decor.

Whether you refer to them as a spa candle or an aromatherapy candle, indulge your senses with our 100% soy and 100% essential oils. They are the perfect, simply natural way to scent any space.

* * Natural soy wax is opaque or milky white. The addition of the aromatic essences may give the wax of your candle a hint of...color. This is a natural coloring and not a dye or a toxic chemical.

Natural Scent Candles

Aromatherapy Air Freshener Sachets

Luxury Fragrance Sachets | Party Favors | Organza Gift Bag

Luxury Sachets

Natural luxury made easy. An essential oil sachet is a great stowaway of scent! They make wonderful drawer sachets.

Eight, au natural essential oil sachets release a fabulous aroma. They can be dressed down, by removing the organza bags to create more back to nature vegan products.

An individual sachet bag can be used in combination with others in the product line to create additional luxe scent combinations.

See the bottom of The SACHET Collection page for suggestions on how to use these aromatherapy products both seperately and in tandem.

Natural Scent Sachets

Unscented Candles

Fragrance Free Candles

Luxury Unscented Candle

Go au naturel with 100% soy wax candles. Back to basics, simply natural, vegan products contain not even a drop of scent or added dye.

Our fragrance free soy candles are available in a 3 oz frosted tumbler or in a package of 12 no scent, soy tea lights.

We also have frosted tealight holders.

No Scent Candles

Luxury Home Fragrances
Soy Candle - Sachet- Spiced Coaster & Trivet
a hint of vanilla
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