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Coasters and Trivets

Handmade, Natural Spiced Coasters and Scented Trivets

Introducing our newest endeavor: scented items for the kitchen.

Organic spices and herbs - along with wildcrafted elements - fill our fabric mats.

They will k
eep your tabletop safe from the heat of coffee mugs, hot pots, serving plates and teapots.

We hope you will enjoy the following choices:

  1. Mull It Over = with mulling spices
  2. Too Shy Chai = the only thing missing is the tea
  3. Kitchen Garden = wonderful herbal scent (coming soon)
  4. Lavender, Balsam and Kitchen Garden trivets
You will find several fabric styles to chose from for the mulling mat.

In the chai version, we have used fabric with a tea cup, words or a teapot design.

COMING SOON:  matching coasters and trivets

We may change it up in the new year, but for now, this is what we decided on!

* * Mix or match any 3 coasters and receive the 4th free.
Select 3 coasters to purchase. 
During check-out, in the Special Instructions box - write "Free Coaster = _______"

Scented Mug Mats and Trivets

Scented Items for the Kitchen

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