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Fragrance Reed Diffuser Sticks are a great way to scent any space without a flame.

A scented oil and reeds diffuser is a centuries old way to provide a hint of fragrance anywhere.

Do you want your home scent to be subtle or to WOW? With a home fragrance aromatherapy reed diffuser, by adding a few more or removing some of the reed sticks, you are in control.

We suggest that you start out placing 4-6 rattan sticks into the glass bottle for a small room. After about 30 hours - the time it takes for the liquid to totally wick up the length of the stick - add or subtract reeds to find the perfect level of scent for that space.

You can add a spa feeling to just about any room by using a hint of vanilla rattan oil diffuser, available in several scents. The oil diffuser bottles work 24/7 to keep your space scented. The fragrance oil and essential oil combination create an aromatic alternative to a plug-in air freshener or aerosol spray. A non-aerosol, environmentally friendly product.

Other places that could benefit from flame-free natural essential oil scent diffusers are: reception areas, break rooms, bed & breakfast common areas, parked RVs, real estate home staging for a fantastic 'open house', nursing homes, assisted living facilities, vacation homes, art galleries, locker room primping areas & restaurants. They also make wonderful hostess gifts and dorm room accessories.

An aromatherapy air freshener reed diffuser with essential oils creates a clean refreshing scent. Feel confident that the clear glass fragrance bottle will look great in any setting and blend in with any home decor.

For a more personal look, pour the oil into a favorite vase, insert the rattan sticks and enjoy your personalized home fragrance reeds.

The DIFFUSER Collection

Luxury Aromatherapy Air Freshener Reed Diffusers

with Natural Fragrance Oils and Pure Essential Oils

 alcohol free

Home Fragrance Aroma Diffusers

4 oz diffuser kit

   approximate aroma time: 3 to 4 months

Please view our SAFETY & USAGE page for proper use of all products.

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