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Diffuser Containers - Idea Page

Diffuser Containers

What do you have around the house that you could use as a fun scented oil container?

In the photo above: some everyday items that can be used as reed diffuser bottles

Here are a few things that I came up with. . .

Above from left to right: a cruet bottle, a ceramic holder for toothbrushes & tooth paste, a bud base, another bud vase, a small soda bottle, a pottery vase, a container for cotton balls, a small pitcher or creamer, a bud vase, a vase.


Use something that coordinates with the theme of the room where you will be placing the diffuser.

various small glass containers and vases


You will want to pick a vessel that is:

  1. No more than 7 1/2 " tall
  2. It needs to be waterproof and will hold at least 6-8 oz of liquid. The diffuser oil comes in a 4 oz bottle, so you will need room for at least half or all the oil and for the reeds.*
  3. Has an opening of less than 4" in diameter.

If you do not like the way the reeds flop open, try placing filler in the bottom of the vase. You can use small shells, beach glass, small pebbles, marbles. Then wedge the rattan sticks in place in a pleasing pattern.

* If the diffuser oil is only part way up the vase, that is okay. If you want, just place half the blended oil in the container you have chosen. Put the rest of the closed bottle in a cool dark place until needed. You also may want to save out - keep dry - some of the reeds to use with the remaining oil.

various ceramic containers and a glass vase

What vessel will you choose?

Hmm, where to find the perfect vessel to dress up your scented oil reed stick diffuser . . .

Anywhere! If you did not find something at home, check out your local artisan's at a craft show, county fair, flea market, farmer's market or state fair.

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